Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ammoru - english sub

     Bhavani, a lower-cast orphan and devotee of Goddess Ammoru, is responsible for the arrest of the evil Gorakh. Gorakh is released from prison, vowing to revenge. Bhavani is married to a doctor who happens to be related to Gorakh. The doctor goes to abroad to study, leaving his wife unprotected. When Gorakh's sister Leelamma tries to kill Bhavani, the Goddess Ammoru  descends to earth and the takes the form of Bhavani's maid servent in order to protect her.
        Gorakh finds a way for the servant to be dismissed, kills Bhavani's infant son and tortures her husband, with the help of evil spirit Chenda. Eventually, the Goddess returns, and in a spectacular finale featuring the special effects, kills Gorakh.

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