Thursday, July 5, 2012

Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone

Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone book no.1
       Harry Potter is a bullied kid who wears baggy clothes and has a scar on his forehead.  He lives in a closet under the stairs, has glasses and the list goes on.  He is spending another gift less birthday when a giant announces that, “You’re a wizard Harry!”  Finally some good news.  I imagine if the giant approached Bernie Madoff he would have said, “You’re a scam artist Bernie!”
       Wizards go to school to learn magic.  Harry’s school is called Hogwarts.  He makes some friends named Ron and Hermione.  Ron has red hair and Hermione is nerdy.  The three wizard musketeers are cavalier and go on some adventures.  They get in trouble and Harry plays a sport on broomsticks, called Quidditch.  They discover what the sorcerer’s stone is.  It grants the holder infinite life and turns metal into gold.  Not bad.
      The wizard who must not be named is seeking the sorcerer’s stone to come back into power.  I will name him, it’s Voldemort.  The reason he needs the stone is because he’s weak.  He tried killing Harry as a baby and his spell backfired.  Killing babies is frowned upon in the wizarding world and yields negative results.

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