Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Demon Busters 1.0.1 - apk

Size :3MB
Requirements :Android 2.1 or higher

Call forth the ancient lore of Demons... and awaken a new Evil! 

ANDROID HUNTERS, Your time to shine has finally come! NUBEE's latest card RPG game "DEMON BUSTERS" is finally released on Android. Thank you so much for waiting! 

Call forth the ancient lore of Demons... and awaken a new Evil! 

【Demon Busters】is a Social RPG Card game. Crush the demons that endangers the fragile existence of humanity. 
Embark on your journey NOW and join forces with your friends to become the TOP HUNTER ! 

【FREE Download】 
No registration required! Play for free all the way! 
You can also purchase paid content to further enhance your game experience! 

【Game Details】 

■Save the World from the Threat of Monsters and Demons!! 
Your mission is to battle demons and save the World. Together, let’s fight and destroy Demons with unique Hunters!! Special encounter! Ally with your friends and defeat Demon Bosses. 

■Form the Best Party! 
The evil power of the Demons is greater than you assume! Journey on quests and explore the realm to find new Hunters and Equipments to aid you in your fight!! 

■GET Super Rare Hunter Cards from Gold Mimic! 
Encounter Mimics that drop Cursed Cards! GET Rare Cards by unlocking the Cursed Card!!! 

■Place Traps to Capture Rare Monsters!!! 
Some monsters can be very nimble and escapes very quickly! Set deadly traps to catch rare monsters!! 

■Create Stronger Equipments! 
To defeat Demon Bosses, you will need even stronger equipments! 
Explore the world and collect magical items for the Blacksmith to make stronger weapons and armor! 

■Compete in the leaderboards! 
Winners from the leaderboards will win SUPER RARE cards!

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